About Us

Founded in 1947 by Charles Heckman, CH Tool & Die has always been family owned and operated. Not by the same family though, CH has changed ownership four times over the years.

In 1990, CH Tool & Die was purchased by Dave and Dawna Davison. The Davison family was operating 4D Custom Die Company at the time and merged the two companies to form CH4D. Over the next 30 years, CH4D developed a small run, low-cost manufacturing process that allowed it to become the worlds leader in hard to find wildcat and obsolete caliber reloading dies.

In 2022, CH4D was passed down to the next generation. Rebranded and incorporated, CH4D became CH Tool & Die LLC, six family members, same mission. With 40 years of industry know-how, our experienced fabricators combine old-world craftsmanship with a strong company-wide culture that stresses quality. Quality is what we pursue and deliver.