Champion Press

Our Champion press body is a heavy duty "O" type press that doesn't flex like component based presses. The 1.185" diameter ram has almost 16 square inches of bearing surface continually supporting the alignment during the operational cycle. We worked over 2 years with several leading engineers from a major university to develop the new toggle system. Our toggle system is based on a proven compound leverage system and develops more force than any other hand operated reloading press - making the Heavyweight Champion Press the most mechanically efficient press in the world. This allows you to swage the very heaviest bullets with ease!

The Champion also has a removable top bushing which allows you to use 1" - 14; dies for large caliber's such as 577 Nitro, 577-450 Martini Henry, 505 Gibbs, etc.

  • Ram force +/- 5° of top dead center > 10,000 lbs with 45 lbs force on handle.
  • As shown with your choice 7/8" - 14 or 1" - 14 top bushing.

Option Not available

Item# 033000 $425.00