No 444 H Press

Originally released as the single station Magnum H Press. Then the triple station 333 H Press. These earlier versions were made from cast aluminum which was light and easy to work with. Unfortunately it also forced all high pressure operations like forming and sizing to be done in the center rear station.

The four station 444 H Press is the latest version. It is made from plate steel and considerably stronger in every way!

With four stations available, you will not have to constantly reset your dies for each step. Preset each station once, and you're ready to go. No turret to wear or wobble. Pressures are centered between two 7/8" solid steel shafts. The platen rides on bronze bushings.

  • Uses industry standard 7/8"-14 dies and snap-in shell holders
  • Complete with large and small priming arm and primer catcher.
  • Loads everything from the smallest pistol cartridge to the largest magnum rifle cases with ease, including full-length resizing.
  • Mounts on any flat table-top. Nothing to turn or jam. You move only the cases. There is adequate hand room and sufficient platen travel for cartridges up to 4" long.

Option Not available

Item# 044000 $425.00