444-X Pistol Champ

200 ROUNDS PER HOUR can be reloaded on the 444-X Pistol Champ! Cases are sized and decapped in the first (center-rear) station. At the second (left) station, primers are seated, the case mouth is belled, and powder is dispensed. The third (front center) station seats the bullet and the fourth station crimps the round.

  • Tungsten-Carbide sizing die.
  • "Speed Seater" seating die. The tapered entrance hole of the die, automatically aligns the bullet on the case mouth. No more pinched fingers when seating wad-cutter bullets.
  • Automatic primer feed. Available for both large and small primers.
  • Push Button powder measure. Simple to change bushings give you over 215 powder-load combinations.
  • Taper crimping die. Extends case life and produces more uniform results.
  • Capable of reloading rifle caliber's. The 444 press has the strength to handle full-length resizing of rifle cases. Your 7/8x14 threaded rifle dies will fit the 444.
  • Comes completely set up for one pistol caliber.

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